Vendredi 05 août 2011

the FDA is rimonbant

The Food and Drug Administration has recently prohibited the sale of 28 popular weight loss products. Nearly all of these weight loss supplements were manufactured in China and have become available to the American public via the internet. According to the FDA these particular supplements pose a life threatening risk to the public due to several unlisted and dangerous ingredients within each pill.One of the ingredients which are present in almost all of the recalled supplements is a powerful appetite suppressant known as sibutramine. This particular chemical has been linked to heart attack, stroke and heart palpitations. Some of the recalled diet pills contain three times the recommended daily dose of sibutramine. Another ingredient which is present in these pills is phenolphthalein. This particular compound has been recalled from the market for quite a while due to the fact that it increases the risk of cancer. The third ingredient which has been identified by the FDA is rimonbant. This chemical is linked to the development of depression in healthy adults. Due to the high risks associated with these three ingredients, the FDA has decided to recall all of these harmful products from the market: Fatloss Slimming, 3X Slimming Power, 2 Day Diet, 5X Imelda Perfect Slimming, Japan Lingzhi 24 Hours Diet, 3 Day Diet, 8 Factor Diet, 7 Day Herbal Slim, 7 Diet Day/Night Formula, Extrim Plus, 999 Fitness Essence, Imelda Perfect Slim, Miaozi Slim Capsules, GMP, Lida DaiDaihua, Perfect Slim, Phyto Shape, Perfect Slim 5X, ProSlim Plus, Slim 3 in 1, Royal Slimming Formula, Slim Express 360, Somotrim, Slimtech, Superslim, Zhen de Shou, TripleSlim, and Venom Hyperdrive.f you or anyone you know is currently taking any of these weight loss pills, the FDA strongly recommends stopping the intake of these supplements immediately and consulting with your doctor. There are many reputable companies based in the United States which offer quality products without the use of any life threatening ingredients. For a thoroughly reviewed list of 100% natural and effective diet pills, please visit
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Vendredi 22 juillet 2011

It is also important to remember with fish oil for dogs that the ones us humans

The fact is that the tremendous benefits of omega 3 supplements is not restricted to us humans as fish oil for dogs can really help to keep your dog healthy and live a longer life.

Fish oil for dogs is among the most commonly used supplement in all of veterinary medicine, to the point that they are not even recognized as an alternative treatment anymore.

Protection against heart disease, lower cholesterol levels (which affects many older dogs), prevention of cancer and allergies and promoting a healthy shining coat are just some of the many benefits.

The power of fish oil supplements for dogs lies in their anti-inflammatory qualities, which I have personally witnessed in an older dog with arthritis with a pronounced limp running freely after just a few weeks of taking a daily tablet.

In addition they help to heal any dry and irritated areas and promote the re-growth of hair and a healthy shining coat.

The problem with dog food today, as with our food, is that the essential omega 3 fatty acid content is very low, leaving over 90% deficient in them as their bodies like ours, cannot manufacture them so they must come from the diet.

The two most important fish oil omega 3 fatty acids are DHA and EPA, with DHA being responsible for most of the health benefits.

It is also important to remember with fish oil for dogs that the ones us humans use are just fine if not better than any so-called special ones for pets!

The ones I personally use for my dogs contain twice as much DHA as EPA with 250mg of DHA per soft gel. Purity is also crucial so your dog doesn抰 unwittingly ingest any of the contaminants the fish carry.

To ensure you have a pure oil, make sure it has been molecularly distilled to remove all the impurities like lead, arsenic and mercury leaving only concentrated pure oil.

A daily supplement of fish oil for dogs can really help improve their health and help them live a longer life by preventing many of the common diseases, especially as they get older and should be an integral part of their diet.

If you would like to learn more about the high quality DHA omega 3 supplements I recommend and use for my own dogs, visit my website today.

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Lundi 11 juillet 2011

there are really a few eco-friendly tea pounds damage products

As your most very likely aware, eco-friendly tea capsules have for some time now been employed in mixture at suppressing your appetite, boosting your metabolism, getting a treatment for anti-inflammatory and their ability to reduced zero cost radicals.

However, recently a questionnaire was achieved in Japan (which was later on confirmed by WebMD), was carried out on 35 Japanese males in a comparable age and very same BMI, your whole body Mass Index which calculates your whole body fat.

The 35 guys experienced been split into two groups, and for three weeks all through the clinical trial, every one of the guys consumed a comparable food calorie intake, as a complete result identical breakfast, lunch and dinner.

However, the major team drank a bottle of oolong tea fortified with eco-friendly tea extract that contains 690 milligrams of catechins, while the 2nd team drank a bottle of oolong tea with only 22 milligrams of catechins.

After the three weeks experienced passed, the effects showed how the guys who consumed the eco-friendly tea using the higher amount of catechins, lost even more pounds (2.41 kilos vs. 1.32 kilos) and experienced an important decrease within their BMI, waist size, and complete whole body fat; and additionally, their LDL - "bad" cholesterol - went down.

Whilst this could possibly not can be found getting a shock to some the all round big difference in pounds damage is genuinely really significant.

Now, there are really a few eco-friendly tea pounds damage products inside the marketplace that at current use derivatives of oolong tea with this increased catchechin count so concerning help help their producers hold out better

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